The Best Heated Massage Chairs on the Market

Whether you consider them expensive, luxurious, or necessary, everyone can agree that at some point in their lives, they either have wanted or want- a massage chair. Among the various kinds, the most popular and most soothing are the heated massage chairs. Here the top three heated massage chairs on the market.

The Best Massage Shiatsu Recliner Chair

This Shiatsu recliner chair by Best Massage is an affordable option when it comes to heated massage chairs. The chair is designed to be therapeutic and comfortable, with an advanced zero gravity option. This chair cures the user of any pain or aches they might be experiencing. The chair is designed to be a perfect fit for people of various types of body types and sizes.

The Shiatsu Recliner chair has a long L-shaped track for massaging. This track allows the chair to massage the user’s muscles from their neck to their hips. This track massages certain pressure points on the user’s backside using light pressure to relieve the user of any soreness or spasms they might be experiencing. The zero-gravity feature works to eliminate pressure on their backs and joints. To be able to target the user’s stress point, the massage rollers use light pressure. This massage chair is one of the most reasonably priced one available on the market.

The Shiatsu Recliner’s golden feature is its lower back heater. Whether a user has a pain in their back or stiffness in their waist, the heating feature eliminates both.

The downside to the Shiatsu Recliner is its size. Being 36 inches in width makes it difficult to be placed in an average home.

The Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair

The Kahuna LM6800 massage chair is a complete system that has an L-track. The L-track has rollers that massage from the lower back to thigh using heat therapy- ideal for sore muscles. The Kahuna offers similar options to various other brands but at a fraction of the price. Users can now recline as far back as their necks with the zero gravity option. The weightlessness allows for maximum relaxation and stress relief. The Kahuna has fewer space requirements than any other massage chair, with its 5 inches of space required between itself and a wall- for the zero gravity feature- than the 15 inches required by other massage chairs.

The Kahuna also comes with six different massage settings that include Stretching, SV-Chiro, Rejuvenate, Deep Tissue, and Yoga. The Yoga setting gives a 30-minute massage that includes various forms of stretching the muscles.

The company that manufactures the Kahuna provides great customer support for those who have contacted them about having technical problems with their massage chairs.

The downside to the Kahuna is that it makes a great deal of noise when running- a major problem if consumers want to use it at night.

The Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair

The Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair is designed to accommodate with any type of furniture design it is placed amongst. This massage chair compare has many features such as replication of a massage performed by human hands, strong motor, many massage modes, and a heating system using Jade.

This massage chair comes with two tiers of padding in the back and an additional removable one for further comfort. Forever Rest comes with six massage settings that are knocking, shiatsu, kneading, vibrating, rolling, and flapping.

The heating system, which uses a Jade, already built in the chair emanates infrared heat that can be adjusted according to the users desired setting.

The chair’s zero gravity feature also applies to its armrest areas as well, allowing the user an arm massage in any position.

The downside to the Forever Rest massage chair is that it is slow to turn off. Even after the massage session has been concluded, the chair still runs for some time.